Zhengyao Wu 吴正尧

I'm a lecturer in mathematics at Shantou University, China.


Space Shuttle Endeavour and I, photographed by Reed Gordon-Sarney.

Publications or preprints

[3] Zhengyao Wu, Hermitian u-invariants over function fields of p-adic curves, accepted by Proceedings of American Mathematical Society, arXiv:1512.06921.

[2] Zhengyao Wu, Hasse principle for hermitian spaces over semi-global fields, Journal of Algebra 456 (2016), 171-196. Corrigendum.

[1] Zhengyao Wu, Yubin Gao, Guoping Tang, K-theory of higher bundle gerbes, Journal of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 27(6) (2010), 721-738.

Lecture notes

Not intended for publication.

Three lectures on sheaf cohomology, Étale cohomology seminar, Shantou University, Nov 2016

Four lectures on sheaves of divisors, Étale cohomology seminar, Shantou University, Mar 2017

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