Zhengyao Wu 吴正尧

I'm a lecturer in mathematics at Shantou University, China.


Space Shuttle Endeavour and I, photographed by Reed Gordon-Sarney.

Publications or preprints

[3] Zhengyao Wu, Hermitian u-invariants over function fields of p-adic curves, accepted by Proceedings of American Mathematical Society, arXiv:1512.06921.

[2] Zhengyao Wu, Hasse principle for hermitian spaces over semi-global fields, Journal of Algebra 456 (2016), 171-196. Corrigendum.

[1] Zhengyao Wu, Yubin Gao, Guoping Tang, K-theory of higher bundle gerbes, Journal of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 27(6) (2010), 721-738.

Lecture notes

Not intended for publication.

Three lectures on sheaf cohomology, Étale cohomology seminar, Shantou University, Nov 2016

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